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Irish Guitar Shred

ckoMusic .com- the guitar backing tracks site, has just added 2 more Irish guitar tabs to their site. This stuff is great guitar shred material. Grab your acoustic guitar and be ready for a serious workout.

I think these kinds of tunes have been too much over looked by guitar shred players. We need to add this stuff to our library of tunes. check out the email we got

Hey there

How are you doing with the Irish Washerwoman. This is just a quick email to let you know that 2 more Irish Guitar Tabs have been added to the ckoMusic.com lessons.So download them and learn them. They are called Morrison’s and Rolling In The Ryegrass.

Remember if you are struggling at all with these tunes, download your copy of Guitar Burning Speed. It will make these tunes a whole lot easier. Good luck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Click here to download Guitar Burning Speed




Irish Washerwoman Guitar Tab -ckoMusic.com

Hey, our friends at ckoMusic.com just informed us that they will be posting some Irish Fiddle Tunes on their site. The Guitar Backing Tracks people have sent us the Irish Washerwoman Guitar Tab. If you want to check out a different kind of guitar shred, try out this tune. Heres what they had to say

Hello everyone. St. Patrick’s Day is just around the corner! This year we decided to do something special. I have selected 3 of my favorite Irish tunes for you to learn. The first one is the one most people will know. It’s called The Irish Washerwoman. And there is a reason I chose it.

For the last 7 years my friends and I have been recording Irish tunes for my father for Christmas and Father’s Day. This is one of his favorites so I thought I would post this first. Hope you enjoy. The arrangement is different to say the least.

Have you ever learned any old Irish tunes? If you have you know they can be pretty demanding. And you need to have your chops up. If you haven’t, well make sure to get your chops up quickly. The best way to do that is to get yourself a copy of Guitar Burning Speed right now! Click here to order. We will even throw in a free download Hard Rock Band Jams.

So I won’t keep you, Get going because a new tune is coming in a couple of days.

Best of Luck



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