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Guitar Shred – Guitar Burning Speed Review

In the search for the ultimate guitar shred program I stumbled across a program called Guitar Burning Speed. Interesting web site describing the product. It says by practicing this program 20 minutes a day for two weeks you will have incredible technique. It even makes comparisons to players like Zakk Wylde and Paul Gilbert. Ok! So I clicked off this page and moved on with life.

I have been playing guitar for over 20 years and I know that you ain’t going to get there on 20 minutes a day. It takes a lot of work and I have spent hours and hours practicing and playing and also teaching. However, I kept hearing about this program and it always popped up when I was searching for lessons. So I decided to take a shot. After all it costs less than a single guitar lesson. And the return policy allowed something like 8 weeks to return it for a refund.

Each morning I started my practice day with Guitar Burning Speed. A couple of days went by and my hands felt quite a bit stronger than normal. I have always liked it when my hands felt like they were in great shape. After about a week this was really happening. After 2 weeks I felt great. The biggest improvement I noticed was in my picking. It just seemed a lot more effortless and even sounding. My left hand felt strong and seemed to flow quite a bit smoother. People who hear me play often started noticing too. So I started teaching it to players. They are feeling the same thing.

This all started a few months ago and I still practice the Guitar Burning Speed program 6 days a week. It has become a regular part of my practice day. At one point I did stop for a couple of days and only practiced the tunes I was learning and improvisation. Even though I was playing the same amount of time each day, my hands started to feel sluggish and not quite as strong. So I hopped right back on and now it’s a habit.

Sp here’s the deal. No you are not going to sound like Zakk, Eddie, or Yngwie after only 2 weeks. It’s just not going to happen. These guys put in ridiculous amounts of time with their guitars. So much time actually, you only have to refer to them by their first name! However if you are currently practicing guitar shred or any type of guitar study check this program out. It is easy to do and you will get huge results.


Visit Guitar Burning Speed for more info.

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