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Guitar Exercises For Speed # 1

There are as many guitar exercises for speed as there are guitars is the world. One of the most common is the regular old 4 finger pattern where you use 1 finger on each fret and play across the strings.

For example, start on the 6th string first fret with your first finger. Continue on with your second finger on the second fret third finger on the 3rd fret etc. Then repeat on the 5th string, 4th string etc.

Now this guitar exercise for speed can be done 2 different ways.  Some players will do all 6 strings and then move up to the second fret of the first string with their first finger and continue on with 1 2 3 4. Some players will move up a fret but reverse going 4 3 2 1.  Click here to see a great shred guitar program doing this. I like the first way because then I can play all 24 patterns of the 4 finger combinations on all frets and string. Either way is good and both are beneficial guitar exercises for speed

Things to remember.

  • Always use alternate picking it’s a must when practicing this exercise.

Using a metronome is a really important. Not only will it improve your timing tremendously, but also this way you can monitor your progress. I teach my student to write down the date and the metronome setting that they are using for any guitar exercise for speed. Motivating yourself to keep practicing will help keep you motivated when you could potentially get burned out on the same exercise.

Remember remember remember “repetition is the mother of skill” its so true and I cant express enough how important it is for you to keep on keeping on when you get burnt out on any exercise for guitar speed. This one trait or attitude towards practicing is one of the most important traits that will set you apart from all the wannabes in the guitar shred world. It’s a tried and proven fact, that the most successful people in anything are the ones who do what needs to be done whether or not they feel like doing it. Its true in business and its true with guitar exercises for speed.
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Guitar Shred Books

Do you have a favorite guitar shred book or DVD? Share here and we will make a master list!!

Irish Washerwoman Guitar Tab

Hey, our friends at just informed us that they will be posting some Irish Fiddle Tunes on their site. The Guitar Backing Tracks people have sent us the Irish Washerwoman Guitar Tab. If you want to check out a different kind of guitar shred, try out this tune. Heres what they had to say

Hello everyone. St. Patrick’s Day is just around the corner! This year we decided to do something special. I have selected 3 of my favorite Irish tunes for you to learn. The first one is the one most people will know. It’s called The Irish Washerwoman. And there is a reason I chose it.

For the last 7 years my friends and I have been recording Irish tunes for my father for Christmas and Father’s Day. This is one of his favorites so I thought I would post this first. Hope you enjoy. The arrangement is different to say the least.

Have you ever learned any old Irish tunes? If you have you know they can be pretty demanding. And you need to have your chops up. If you haven’t, well make sure to get your chops up quickly. The best way to do that is to get yourself a copy of Guitar Burning Speed right now! Click here to order. We will even throw in a free download Hard Rock Band Jams.

So I won’t keep you, Get going because a new tune is coming in a couple of days.

Best of Luck


Guitar Shred – Yngwie Malmsteen Interview

Hey all you shred guitar fans, check out the new issue of Guitar World. There is a great interview with Yngwie Malmsteen and a killer poster to go along with it. He seems to be grateful for what he has, it was nice to read. Check it out.

Guitar Shred – Just hit 2000 visitors and a gift from ckoMusic

Thanks to everyone who has visited this guitar shred site, we just had our 2000th visitor. So we got an exciting offer from our friends at Buy either Jamorama Lead Guitar by Ben Edwards or Guitar Burning Speed by Charlie Wallace. When you buy either of these instantly downloadable programs through this site, you will receive a FREE download of ckoMusic’s Hard Rock Band Jams AND Jam Band Jams.

Don’t miss this. The offer is only good until Monday April 20th 2008!

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Thanks again for visiting guitar shred!

Guitar Shred – ckoMusic is Giving Away 10 CD’s

Wow! I just got in my hand 10 Hard Rock Band Jams Play Along CD’s from ckoMusic. Thank you guys! Thanks for the picking exercise too. Obviously I can’t use them all so I have been told to give them away to anyone who orders Guitar Burning Speed (click here) from the blog. I have ten and only ten so jump of this now because when they are gone, well, they are gone.Offer is good only to U.S. residents.

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