Guitar Shred Slow down guitar Licks

How many times have you racked your brain trying to hear that super fast Van Halen lick? How many times have you heard a guitar player at a club blazing through SRV? You ask yourself “how did they learn this stuff?” If you are like most players it has probably happened more than you care to remember.

Having the ability to slow down guitar licks is the secret to your success. If you can’t hear all the notes, you won’t be able to learn the whole solo. How many times have you heard a guitar player doing a “hack” version of a famous solo? The reason is they just couldn’t hear all the notes. Maybe they just weren’t motivated to do something about it. Maybe they didn’t care enough about sounding good to put in the time. These people are never willing to make an investment in a product that would have them playing note for note solos of the master’s.

The technology is there now so there is no excuse for not making the investment. You may even have played around with some of those awful slow down machines on the market. Most of them (maybe all) suck and are useless. That’s why it took me so long to even think about trying Riffmaster Pro. I wish it were around when I was first learning because I was horrible at transcribing! I may have been the worst out of all my friends.

The cool thing about Riffmaster Pro is, it doesn’t sound like garbage. You will be able to slow down any lick you want. You will be able to play along to the slow version and gradually speed it up. You will be blazing through solos at your next show. Your friends are going to wonder what you have been doing to make your playing so much better than theirs now.

Make this investment in your guitar playing now. You won’t regret it. Visit RiffMaster Pro.

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