Guitar Shred – Practice Routine Idea to Get You Going

Searching around Guitar Shred forums, I have noticed a lot of people asking about practice routines.

Some people are just unaware of what they should be practicing.Personally I think you should be practicing whatever is going to inspire you to pick up your guitar.I also believe that if you are having trouble getting going, you probably have overwhelmed yourself with things to practice. So let’s simplify your routine and get started.

So what do we want to get better at?For most of the people here it is technique and soloing. But we cannot ignore rhythm so that’s going to be part of our guitar shred routine. Also our first example is assuming you are going to practice 1 hour a day.

Sample practice routine

  1. Technique – Plan to spend at least 20 minutes on finger exercises, hammer-ons and pull-offs, trills, alternate picking etc. Personally I am a HUGE fan of Charlie Wallace’s  Guitar Burning Speed program because you hit all these topics in one 20-minute program.You could also check out Left Hand Red from ckoMusic or Rock Discipline by John Petrucci
  2. Learn new licks – Grab your favorite CD or Tab book and get 1 or 2 new licks and really get them under your fingers. Do this for about 15 minutes.
  3. Guitar Backing Tracks – Now we put this stuff to use! Pick a track from your Play Along CD collection. Remember we mentioned rhythm? Spend the first 5 minutes of this part of your guitar shred routine on learning and playing the chords to the track. Then spend the last 20 minutes jamming with your new technique and the new licks your learned.

I hope this gets you going.As you make more of a habit of practicing everyday you should add new stuff. Also you will start spending more time each day on the topics we mentioned. It’s also very important to start today. Don’t wait until tomorrow – it will probably turn into the next day and so on. Print this out and put it on your music stand and start your new guitar shred routine today!

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