Guitar Shred – Working out those trouble spots

Here is a guitar shred lesson that focuses on those “trouble spots”.  Maybe this is your situation …  You got your tune burning full speed and you are feeling pretty flippin good about it. However, there are one or two measures where you know you are “faking it” and kinda hoping just to get through each pass unscarred.   Be honest about these spots because this is what we are going to fix now.


Ok first of all, make note of those one or two spots. Now pick one to focus on first. Only pay attention to the part that sounds not so good. Now we are ready to play. You have heard this before and you will hear it again right now. Slow it down! Slow it down until you can play it perfectly. Spend the next 5 or 10 minutes practicing just that spot. Make sure to use your metronome and right down the dates and tempo.


Make sure your timing is perfect. If you are confused on a rhythm, bring your sheet music to a friend who can read.  Another option is to ask a drummer to tap out the rhythm. Don’t just play all the notes. Play them perfectly.


Stay focused. Don’t stray and just start noodling. Also don’t stray and start jamming on the part that you can already play great. Just keep on jamming on the trouble spot. After about 10 minutes of total concentration on this part, move on to the next trouble spot. Spend the next 5 or 10 minutes on this spot. Again stay focused.


Do this everyday. Make it part of your regular practice. It’s not going to happen overnight so don’t give up if you don’t nail it in just a couple of days. You will get it if you keep at it. Don’t get discouraged and start telling yourself things like “this song kinda sucks anyway”, or “I never really liked this lick”. A lot of times these thoughts enter when we start to get frustrated. Don’t do that to yourself. Keep at it until you get it. Repetition, repetition, repetition. Good luck and thanks for reading






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