Guitar Shred – The Best Jam Ever

Here’s an awesome to story to share on the guitar shred blog. I just got back from a session with my with some buddies and they all were saying stuff like “hey whets up with your technique these days, you sound awesome”. That made me feel pretty awesome because these guys are unbelievable players. I think they let me hang out with them and jam because we are friends. They have always been so much better than me and they still are but I am catching up really fast.

I guess you have to be in my situation to understand the magnitude of this. We have all been friends since junior high and have always played together but my picking and speed was always lousy compared to them. I could always jam and improvise but I just couldn’t keep up with them when they would be pulling out the super fast licks. I used to wonder if I was ever going to be up to par with these guys. After tonight I predict that I am just a couple of months away from that. This is amazing because of how long we have been playing together and how long they have been blowing me away. Well I thought I would share this story with everyone incase you are in the same situation. Keep practicing and hopefully you will have a jam like I just did. It was AMAZING!

Thank you Guitar Burning Speed, I am a guitar shred fan and student for life.

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